Free SEO Tools For SEO

Nowadays there is high competition in nearly every field. The business owners are striving to set their enterprise or company apart from the competitors. This is done by the help of SEO Expert Delhi (, making sure everything goes well in an attempt to attract maximum visitors to go to their website. The usage of particular keywords plays a key role in accomplishing that. Optimizing the site to make it appear on the search result is called SEO. Currently, there are various free SEO tools which are in the market. They help to improve rankings, generate traffic and build the good bond of a company. Here are the Free SEO tools for SEO.

  1. Google Analytics
    This is among the essential and free SEO tool which is existing out there. There are no other tools which can offer you high-quality and detailed information like it Google Analytics tool will allow the individual to have a better understanding of the visitors and the way they relate on the website. Likewise, there are many resources from Google, which will enable one to learn using Google Analytics. It's impossible to overlook Google Analytics from the list of SEO tool. All the crucial data about the traffic, the site visitors are being provided by the sources.

  2. Google Keyword Planner
    The other free SEO tool is the Google Keyword Planner, which is the best way of researching the keywords. The traffic estimator and keyword tool have made an entire process of the planning search campaigns be straightforward. To use the Google Keyword Planner, you're required to have the Google Adwords account, and then go to the Tools and the Keyword Planner. The primary focus of SEO Expert India ( using this tool is to the AdWords generation, which not on the easy organic keyword research. Typically, this becomes the leading keyword research tools as there is no other tool which can match with keyword research, which is done using this particular tool.

  3. Moz
    Moz is the collection of the marketing tools which offer all the necessary information in a summary. You will get some of the free SEO tools which are useful like Open Site Explorer that is the backlink analysis tool which provides useful metrics that is similar to the link equity. Likewise, an essential tool is Mozbar that is basically the browser toolbar, which brings every key feature of Moz on a present page. With Mozbar it can display all right sets of the information at a glance.

  4. Google Trends
    It's very important for the marketers to forecast the trends which are happening in the industry. Just to know where a market is going about will demonstrate to be very advantageous in an attempt to achieve Google Trends plays, which is an important role. With this tool, it can display the changes in a search volume for various search items, terms, and topics. By using this tool, you're required to keep the content very fresh and ever time be ahead of the competitors. By having this in mind for search marketing, it becomes essential to evaluate the behavior of the search query.

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